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On the Look Out for VERVE Flash

My kids were home last week for winter break and on Sunday night, at the beginning of break, my eldest and I came down with the respiratory ailment that has been going around. We have tried very hard to stay well this flu season, and thought we'd made it, so you can imagine my disappointment. We've spent the week coming down with and recovering from the cold, and everybody is well on the mend as of this morning. So it was a quiet winter break around here, in which I was able to read a preview copy of VERVE FLASH, the Short Road to Big Fiction, a Multi-Genre Flash Fiction Anthology edited by Janet Fix, published by thewordverve, inc.

I was thrilled with the culmination of the project, and excited to find some new writers for me to enjoy in the mix. I want to give a little peek at the authors highlighted and hope you'll take a few minutes to check them out.

These authors have Verve, and I'm honored to be in the mix! What a team over at Team V.

Deborah Beck

Deborah Beck has been with thewordverve since Day One, editing and proofreading books by many of the other authors featured in this collection. Her forte (and favorite role) is continuity editing; if a minor character has green eyes on page 13 and brown eyes on page 267, she will find it.​

Jeffrey Balanger, the author of thrillers Code Blood Red, Fourth and Dead, and Squeeze Play​. You can follow Jeff on twitter @ coachbelanger, listen to him on the Gambling Chalk Talk Podcast, and check out his website www.jeffreybelanger. com. You will also find his books available at any online retailer (in eBook and paperback formats) as well as at

Barbara Cohea, author of Intelligent Life on Earth. You will find her book available at any online retailer (in eBook and paperback formats) as well as at inteligent-life-on-earth-humor/ Visit Barbara on Facebook and share some laughs: www. facebook/barbara.cohea.3/

Maria De Leon, author of Parkinson’s Diva: A Woman’s Guide to Parkinson’s Disease and Viviendo más allá del párkinson: explorando las posibilidades. You can contact her through www.parkinsonsdiva. org,, and www.facebook. com/defeatparkinsons101. Her books can be found at any online retailer (in both eBook and paperback formats) as well as at

Rachel Eliason, author (R.J. Eliason) of YA fiction including the Bear Naked Series and the Mondomin Court Series. Rachel is active on many social media sites and can be found on twitter @racheleliason, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest, to name a few. Her books can be found at any online retailer (in both eBook and paperback formats), including her “Bear Naked” shapeshifter series. This series can also be found at thewordverve.

Phil Emmert, author of WWII era, When War Was Heck and The Afterglow of War: Lessons Learned. His Christian based works include The Overcomers and America Rebooted. His books can be found at any online retailer (in both eBook and paperback formats) as well as at www.

Angie Gallion, author of the Alison Hayes Journey, a coming-of-age series. Angie expects to release Off the Dark Ledge, her first psychologic thriller, in spring 2018, and a fourth installment in the Alison Hayes Journey in late 2018. Follow Angie at, where she not only promotes her own novels but others’ as well through her book review blogs.

Sue Kotchman, author of children's books With Love, From Grandma; With Love, From Grandpa; Sam; and Mason’s This-and-That-Day. The latter two can be found at any online retailer as well as thewordverve. www.

Sue recently earned First Honorable Mention for her short story, “Finding Sofia,” published in the ABC-2016 Anthology of Florida Writers and Poets.

Sharyn Bradford Lunn, author of the Southern Skyes series, based on the history of Austrailia, her home country. Learn more about Sharyn on her website: Currently, five of the six books planned for the series are available for purchase at all online retailers in both paperback and eBook format, as well as at authors/Sharyn-bradford-lunn/

John Nuckel, author of The Rector St. Series, Drive, The Garden, the Victory Grill. Visit John's website at Find John’s books at all online retailers and through thewordverve at

Owen Roberts, author of Indian Feather, and The Black and White Ball. Find Owen’s books at all online retailers or through his publisher:

Helen Ruby, aka Janet Fix, editor and publisher at thewordverve. Janet writes her children’s books under Janet Fix and all other works under her pen name, Helen M. Ruby. Janet’s children’s book series is called Ranch Hero. Ranch Hero and Ranch Hero 2: Moooving Velma are available via all online sellers and at https:// The third book in the series, Ranch Hero 3: An Australian Vacation, is due out in the summer, 2018. Check out the series and other fun stuff at or on facebook: www.

Rick Sanders, author of The Walking Bridge and Strange Times in Yeehaw Junction. Rick is an artist and a teacher. He is specifically interested in how people and relationships change when they are exposed to changes in their environments—like tragedy, love, death, new social patterns, and even just moving to a new place. You can learn more about Rick, his books, and his art at his website: and at thewordverve site:

RJ Simon, author of Ruby Lane, geared toward middle graders, Simon inspires little people to drem big. Visit her website at Ruby Lane is available in both eBook and paperback formats via all online retailers. You can find it at thewordverve, too, of course:

Cindy Solomita, author of The Adventures of Callie the Curious Cat, with more in the series coming soon. Cindy’s work can be found at any online retailer as well as here: www.thewordverve. com/shop/callie-the-curious-cat/.

Dave Solomita, is venturing into Flash Fiction with this anthology and has discovered a true hidden talent.

Phillip Vega, author of the wildly successful Last Exit to Montauk, Vega is currently in production with his second novel be be released Summer 2018. Follow Phil on his website and find his book Last Exit to Montauk at any online retailer in eBook and paperback formats, or at

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