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Gallion Speaks - Emergent Launch Scheduled

Let the Journey Conclude

We have all been anxiously awaiting Alison's fourth book. My publisher and I have scheduled her official launch date for January 18, 2019. We want it to be perfect and we are in the final stages of preparation to send Emergent to our advanced readers and my publisher is working on making preorders available.

Where is She Now?

It has been ten years since we last saw Alison, the day she left California, heading home to face all the ghosts from her past. She had to return to finally understand who she would be. She has come a long way in this book. I don't love prologues, but I really felt this book needed a refresher at the beginning for those of you who didn't have the opportunity to read the whole series again. You can read the Prologue here.


The Giving Continues

My Holiday Giveaway is still running and because I am feeling the love I have teamed up with the book distributor BookFunnel to run an Identity Crisis promotion offering you not just my psychological thriller but books from 37 other authors. All of the books in the promotion contain a main character who suffers an identity crisis. I am working my way through this list to give the participating authors fair and honest reviews and I hope you will select a few to do the same.


Upcoming Events

After A Novel Idea's event in October, I was invited to participate in the Murder in the Magic City Mystery Conference and Murder on the Menu. These are two separate events in two different cities featuring the same authors. The weekend takes place February 23 and 24, 2019. On Saturday we will be at the Homewood Library in Homewood, Alabama for Murder in the Magic City. On Sunday we will travel to Wautempka, Alabama for Murder on the Menu, a fan luncheon featuring an author at every table. Authors will rotate to several tables and also participate in panel discussions. I am hoping they will be a huge successes. Check out their site and see the great authors I'm going to be joining. The Guests of Honor this year are Lee Goldberg and Sue Ann Jaffarian. The complete list of participating Authors can be found on their website.