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Those We Do Not See

Britany Adams begins a rapid downward spiral after she’s involved in an accident that results in a fatality. Within weeks, she loses her home, her job, and her dignity. Struggling with guilt and living on the streets, she is plunged into a gritty world filled with danger and despair.

While investigating the crash, Officer Cliff Rathborn never dreams that he will be the last person to speak to Britany before a missing person report is filed. While assisting in the search for Britany, Cliff realizes he has not dealt with his own mother’s disappearance when he was a child. He begins to reconcile with the fact that he may never know what happened to his mother.

To discover Britany’s whereabouts, Cliff needs to enter the shadows and look into the faces of those that most people refuse to see, while Britany must survive long enough to be found.

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Those We Do Not See

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