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Earth Last Sanctuary by Christian Kallias

If space fantasy is your thing you should definitely get involved with Christian Kallias. He has created a complex story line with lost civilizations, extinct races, mysterious beginnings and celestial guidence. Universe in Flames: Earth, Last Sanctuary is the first in this ever expanding series and moves with a quick pace even while filling in the background to set the groundwork for the rest of the series.

At first I thought this was fan fiction, and when I happened into a scene where a well known space adeventure was featured, I was convinced. However, by the end of the novel, I thought something different. Perhaps this is fan fiction, but it's also something bigger, Kallias didn't stop at paying homage to worlds created by others, he went in depth and created his own.

It was fast paced through the battle scenes, but when it slowed down it had a message. A message delivered by Aphroditis, of Greek legend. He took his love of the legends, and his interest in the stars and merged them in a very unique fashion. This book clipped along in rapid fire, and although space adventure is not my first choice for relaxation, I have no doubt that I will have to move through is series to see how it matures. The end of Earth, Last Sanctuary leaves you with a very effective hook drawing you to the next book in the series, Universe in Flames: Fury to the Stars.

Beyond this book, Kallias has built a very impressive website, which will pull you even further into the adventure. Overall, an impressive offering. There were moments when I felt his characters were stereotypes, then, when I had gotten comfortable with their simplicity, Kallias changed it up and built their depth. He's an author to keep your eye on, as you are looking to the stars.

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