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Chaos is Everyday Life

Does it ever feel that chunks of time, days and weeks, just evaporate out of your life when the chaos in the world invades it. Almost everybody I know has been wrapped up, on some level, with the Presidential Election and it's outcome. I don't ever remember being as engaged in the whole process as I was this year. I have dear friends who are elated by the outcome and other dear friends who are depressed and dejected. It was a hard fought battle, and I'm just relieved that the ugliness of it can slip into history now. This post is not about the election, because I certainly don't want to talk abou that anymore, it is more about how sometimes life gets in the way of our best laid plans.

I have felt, all month, like I have been falling behind, like I am not accopmplishing what I need to accomplish. I am in between writing projects and feel a little loose at ends because of it. There are two projects that I could work on, but both are big, with big emotion, and I think I can't do

​anything "big" until Purgus comes back from the editor. It's probably best not to get my head into another project only to have to tear it out again for final reviews. I always planned to have Purgus released by Christmas, but when the writing of it went so smoothly I had hopes for a November timeframe. I have a book signing in my hometown of Charleston, Illinois on November 26 and hoped that I might be able to introduce Purgus there first. Unfortunately, it's probably going to be a December release after all. If any of you are in east central Illinois over the Thanksgiving hiliday please come by and talk to me at Pensees Book Store at 502 6th Street Charleston, IL 61920, that's on the square.

Intoxic hit Audible this month, and that has been very exciting. It was listed on AudioBookBoom last week and we saw a lot of interest from that. If you don't subscribe to AudioBook Boom and like listening to books, you should join. It's a free service for listeners and highlights books with a discounted price in exchange for your honest review, in an effort to spread the word.

If you've had a chaotic and crazy month, if you've been bombarded by all the ugliness of our election and the media onslought associated to it, unplug. Pick up a good book and read. Or just step outside and watch all the squirrels digging for nuts. Or just look up at the sky and breathe. Disconnect. Take a few minutes to fully appreciate the wonderful people that make up your family and friends. Be thankful for what is good in your life. That's what I'm going to do. I'm resetting all of my personal deadlines (except Purgus) to the new year. I don't have to accomplish anything else in 2016, except raise my family and keep them safe and well. I don't have to read anything else, I don't have to write anything else. I've done well this year, as I close in on releasing my second book. That is enough. I'm going to go out and watch the geese and then I'm going to take my big dog, Ruger, for a walk. I'm just going to breathe.

Wishing you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I hope to see some of you over the holidays.

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