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What I'm working on this week...

Last weekend we had friends up from Jacksonville waiting out Hurricane Matthew. We loved their visit and it put me so strongly in mind of the time we spent there that a story that I've been carrying around since 2013 came back to me and isisted on being put down on paper. I really thought it wa s s book I wouldn't write until the girls were older, but when inspiration knocks I'm trying not to say "Not now." Tuesday morning, after I took the girls to school, I started working on the project, with the working title of Shelby. It's a really tough story to write and I won't tell you anything about it yet,for fear that it will jinx the exciting roll I'm on with it, but I will tell you that it is not part of Alison's legacy.

In other news I am reading a book by Sharon Marchesello called Going Home, published by Sunbury Press out of Mechanicsburg, PA. Going Home is a mystery set in a small Texas town and very much like my last read it is a read, Arnco, it is a book that deals with the issues of going back to your childhood haunts. That's where the similarities end. I look forward to having a review out to you early next week, so keep you eyes open for that.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that I am anticipating the audio files of intoxic sometime this afternoon and can't even tell you how thrilled I am to share that with the world. Jennifer Reilly has worked really hard over the last six weeks with her team of editors and sound people to get Alison's voice just right. I'll do my review over the weekend and hope to have it available in all it's audio outlets Monday or Tuesday.

Everything here at Beech House is moving along very nicely, heading right into fall with some leaves changing and nice cool morning temperatures. The girls are fully in the swing of school and are both learning great things. Have a great day and check back with me again next week.

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