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Upcoming: Rubies from Burma by Anne Lovett

Georgia, 1941

A world at war. A family drama. A girl determined to win over a man she cannot have.

As the dark shadow of war looms over the world, eight-year-old Mae Lee nurses forbidden feelings for her older sister's suitor - a dashing paratrooper. When she discovers a dreadful betrayal, her thoughtless actions lead to fatal consequences.

Years later, the young man she loves returns from the battlefield, scarred in body and soul. As the terrible violence on the front rages on, Mae Lee faces impossible choices that could make her lose everything.

About the Author

Anne Lovett is an award-winning writer.

Trained as a natural products chemist, Anne has spent the last several years exploring chemistry between people and delving deep into a different sort of research as she pens novels that explore both history and mystery, some with a lighter touch.

She sets her novels in her native South, and researches extensively to make sure of her descriptions and history. For example, she visited many of the Georgia barrier islands for Saving Miss Lillian and read numerous books about cotton mills for The River Nymph. Anne lives in Atlanta with her model-railroader husband, and enjoys gardening, photography, painting, and traveling to places her characters might go. Sometimes, by riding on trains.

Other books by Anne Lovett includeL Snakes and Lovers, Sving Miss Lillian, The River Nymph, and Wildwood Flower. Visit Anne's website.


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