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The Silent Boy by Cheryl Bradshaw and Janet Fix

For full disclosure, Janet Fix guided me in publishing the Alison Hayes series and Off the Dark Ledge.  I count her as a friend, but this is the first time I have read anything she has written. I read it with an open mind. I didn’t choose this book because I know Janet, I chose it because I was intrigued by the cover and blurb.

The Silent Boy is a quick listen, less than four hours, so it is perfect for a long drive. It will introduce you to the Sloane Monroe detective series and you’ll be glad you met. 

This was a fast-paced murder mystery set against the backdrop of the quaint coastal community of Tarpon Springs. Sloane and Maddie drop into a puzzle with Maddie’s sister, Jenny, at the center.  The only witness to the crime is Jenny’s son, who refuses to speak.

The mystery unfolds as the clues are unearthed. The patchwork of Jenny’s life comes together as Sloane and Maddie dig through the information left in the house and talk to the people of the community. Tarpon Springs is filled with quirky people that make solving the mystery entertaining. The dialogue pops off the page and the characters are nicely detailed with just the right number of flaws and personalities to keep them believable.  The mystery is solved through good old-fashioned detective work guided by the drawings of a silent boy. 

I’ve gone through it several times, looking for the subtle foundation pins for the resolution, and have not been disappointed. The clues are introduced with dexterity, subtly leading the way to the solution.

This quick listen was a great introduction to the Sloane Monroe universe and promised more to come with Maddie. The book is intended as part of a series but each book will be a stand-alone mystery. The collaboration of two writers was seamless and I could not discern where one writer dropped off and the other picked up.

You can learn more about Cheryl Bradshaw at her website.

You can learn more about Janet Fix at her website and her company site.


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