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She Found Her Voice

It has been four long years since I released Off the Dark Ledge. The world went through Covid and sort of came out the other side. I took on a real job. My kids continued to grow up and get even more incredible. My husband and I got older and even more settled in our ways. Life just moved forward.

Delilah's story went through several iterations before it finally solidified into its current version. It wouldn't have become what it is without the great work from the editing team at Red Adept Publishing. They helped me find the true triumphs in the story.

My next novel will also be coming from Red Adept Publishing. I'll let you know more about it when we get a little closer to the launch. I'm not sure what comes next. My writing has slowed to a crawl with my joining the workforce, and the project I am working on has stalled. We'll see. I may have to retire to have the time for my mind to process story-writing.

Hush, Delilah is available online at all the regular places, from my publisher, and at any bookstore willing to order a book for you. The audio was created by Blackstone Audio, one of the leaders in audiobook production.

As always, thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting my love of words and storytelling. Please leave reviews and tell your friends. Take Delilah to your book club. If you feel voiceless, like Delilah, find resources to help.


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