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Give Me a Weekend

60 Weeks of Gratitude - Week 9

Some weeks are just a lot to get through. Jeff's job keeps him on the road, and the girls' activities keep them busy after school with a variety of end times, which put me on the road a couple of times every afternoon. My work is pressing for production levels to rise and some days it is a little harder to hit those goals. This was one of those weeks.

I am just grateful for the weekend.

I am grateful for the sleeping-in time, even though I am still awake by five. I enjoy the slowed-down morning when I can enjoy the silence of my house without feeling like I have to get the dogs out for their walk and hurry back to get started making lunches. I am grateful for the small stretches of time when we can all settle in and reset.

I appreciate the quiet minutes when I can just breathe.

Some weeks are tough, and we’ve had a couple like that. Everything feels like it is spinning just a shade out of control. There are so many moving parts in our lives that it’s not always easy to keep it all under wraps.

I had a lovely conversation with a seasoned book publicist about some improvements I could make to my Alison series to attract new readers, which would, in turn, attract new readers across the board. The first step was to revisit my blurbs, which is something I can start working on before I do anything else. Blurbs have always been tough for me. I either want to give too much away or I don't say enough. It's a really hard balance for me to find. With that in mind, I am reaching out to my Hometown Novel Writer's group and joining their critique group on Monday with the hope of getting some good feedback. I am also reaching out to you.

Would this encourage you to give Alison a try? I would appreciate honest feedback and can be reached at What makes a good blurb in your eyes? What entices you to take a chance on a character, to spend your money and your time for a couple of days with them?


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