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Busy Life

60 Weeks of Gratitude - Week 18

It has been a couple of weeks since I found time to reflect on my personal gratitude.

We are already halfway through September and it has barely registered. I wonder if there has ever been a time when I have been on the run as much as I am now.

I'm not complaining.

My kids are keeping on the go. They are engaged at school and eager to participate. This week was homecoming at the high school, so my older daughter had three events in the evenings and my youngest had practice and volunteering every other night.

I have always wanted them to be confident to try out, participate, and be engaged because I didn't when I was young. I have very few regrets about the choices I have made in my life, but I have always wished I had been willing to connect with my schoolmates more than I did. It wasn't until I found theatre that I found my niche, and even then it would be a solitary endeavor outside of school, away from my peers, and in some respects.

So, today, during my two minutes of solitude and reflection, I am grateful for every minute of my busy life and that my kids are confident and engaged in this stage of their lives. I have loved watching them move through every stage of their lives, but in this stage, in particular, I feel like I am seeing shades of the people they will be when they step out of our protective bubble and have to stand on their own. I hope we have given them the tools they will need.

Also, this month, I have started doing book reviews again. I know, I know. When am I possibly going to find the time for that? I am only doing audio reviews right now because I can listen while I am busy doing other things. It feels right. After all, I started this blog out doing reviews. Stay tuned for more of that.

I am also grateful that after six months, I have found a few of my words again.


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