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Gallion Speaks - January 2019

Life in 2019

Every year I make resolutions. To lose weight, to be more fit, to cook better meals for my family, to clean out the closets and the junk drawer, to do better at whatever I feel I've let slide while I did all the things I wanted to do in the previous year. This year I haven't even thought about a resolution and here I am half-way through January. It's been that kind of year. All through December I was totally on track. I was focused on marketing, focused on completing projects, focused on planning for participation in future projects, focused on writing. Everything was clicking along at high speed.

Then I lost the thread of my current project and everything stopped. The train didn't exactly derail, but it definitely got jarred. The changing of the year put brakes to just about everything I was working on and the launch of Emergent passed with almost no fanfare from me. Life got in the way. I won't say I dropped the ball, because in life, sometimes self-promotion isn't the most important thing. I'm happy to say that Emergent is standing her own, even without me blustering on about her. If you are here, reading this, then you already know something of what I have to offer. You didn't need me to tell you that I think this book is something special. If I am going to ever be well known, it is because people are out there reading and talking about my books, not because I posted on social media.

In the last several weeks I've had a stark reminder of how fortunate I am in my life. I am healthy and strong, my children are healthy and strong. My husband loves me, even if I eat too much garlic. I have a charmed life and I should never take that for granted. None of us should. People struggle every day to put one foot in front of the other, to find a light in their own personal darkness, to make positive, healthy choices.

If you know somebody who seems to be struggling, be a light for them. Not everybody will be receptive, some people will choose their misery over change and you can't make them do anything different. Some, though, might just need some small kindness and what you offer may make a difference. We all have something positive we can offer. We see it on social media all the time, good deeds offered, the guy who donates his shirt, the woman who buys a meal for the man on the street. That's all great, but seriously, when you do your kindness, leave the camera at home. Nobody wants to be plastered across social media on what may be the worst day of their lives.

That's my goal for 2019, to show more kindness. To kick that off (with a small side of self-promotion) I'm giving away the very first autographed copy of Emergent to one lucky subscriber. If you don't already subscribe to my mailing list, now is a perfect time. Enter the January Giveaway

Let the Journey Conclude

Alison Hayes is antsy—that’s what her mother would have said. The ghosts from her past are walking, and something is coming. She feels it in her bones. Her mother would have made herself a drink and forced the feeling to pass.

For ten years, she has stayed on the fringe of society, living a quiet, nearly invisible life, working nights as a nurse at the hospital and sleeping days. When her volunteer work at the Crisis Clinic sets her on a collision course with a pregnant teen, Alison finds herself plunging without a parachute. She must reconcile her own history as her obsession with the girl mounts.

Will Alison finally make peace with her mother and with her own role in their chaotic time together? Will she find a way to live outside of the shadows? You can read the Prologue and First Chapter here.

What are People Saying?

"Alison Hayes is not just a character in a book, she is someone who will travel with us through our own journey's until our final chapter. Angie Gallion has proved herself to be a prolific writer of our time, and I'm sure will be a writer for the ages. Well done." --Author T. Lamar Baker "I just finished Emergent and I want MORE!!!!!!!! Fabulous book​." --Julie Spiech Collier "The was my favorite book in The Alison Hayes series. I could read it again and again." -- Paula Olmsted "There were several spots where I just couldn't put it down. I ended up reading until 5am one morning and then got back up at 8:30 to finish it because I couldn't wait." --Christy Sanders