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Malikah Harris - Taking it to the Prisons

Malikah is one of my Gallion Picks Authors, and while I found her book, Generational Curses, to be a disturbing cross section into a culture in crisis, it's what she's doing to heal that culture in crisis that puts her in my People Who Inspire List. Malikah has a sister production called Blood Sisters, the Musical, based on her book, and she is opening conversations with each performance. Now, all of that could simply be self-promotion, the more you have to offer, the more attention you get, right? Maybe, but what sets Malikah apart, in my my mind, is her prison outreach. She is actively pursuing an audience with local correctional facilities where so many inmates suffer from their broken childhoods. She is promoting forgiveness as the key to healing inner wounds. She is positive and encouraging and is making it a mission to help those suffering from hidden wounds, she is a person willing to climb down into the chaos to help a fellow traveller out of it, for that, Malikah hits my People Who Inspire list.

Can you tell me a little about your early life?

Born and raised in Newark New Jersey I am the youngest of four children. Talent came at an early age as I got my talent of singing from my biological father Craig Sr. Harris and my creativity from my uncle Troy Harris.

What did you want to be when you were little?

I always wanted to be a lawyer I felt I could talk my way out of anything and people actually listened to me when I spoke.

When did you realize you had something that needed to be written and shared?

I've always had the gift to write as I started with songs. I always felt my songs hid a deep message in them. Working on this project just brought it to a different level of responsibility.

What was the writing process like for you?

Writing this amazing work took on years of letting go and letting God do what he does best BIRTH! I started out with writing the music for the Musical first. Then started to combine a story that was so relatable entitled Generational Curses. I ended up writing the last Journey first then piecing the puzzle together. It was very interested how it all came together.

Can you tell me a little about your body of work? Who is your target audience?

The work is to help people heal from their past life of upbringing. As so many of us suffer from abuse, neglect, betrayal, and so many other things. This project is universal as we all need to heal from something.

Did you self-publish or are you with a legacy publisher (traditional publishing house)?

I found an amazing small publishing company called Light Switch Press that is also a free publication with small terms to meet. I truly enjoy working with them.

What do you want to inspire with your work? What do you hope to achieve?

I want to inspire people to understand forgiveness is the key to facing all fears. I pray that this project does exactly what God allows it to do...... Bless others and keep them wanting more of the messages so they can spread them too.

Is there any one person in your life that inspired a change in you that led you to your current path?

Oh yes so many people to even name but the one person I have to give so much credit to is the inner child in me. I promised her that I will make her so proud one day and pay her back for all the abuse and pain she endured in her life.

Do you have an organization you would like to bring attention to, as an ancillary to your writing?

Yes my Entertainment Company Mother Earth Productions LLC is a non-profit company that gives back to the community by showcasing comedy, novels, movies, and musicals just to name a few. With this company we plan to take great percentages of our company and apply it to our and your communities. Our first event was to showcase our show Blood Sisters the Musical and novel Generational Curses into the prison system for the inmates for free! Our successful event began on August 24, 2017 at the Regional Jail in Portsmouth Virginia. And I have to say it was Awesome.

What are you offering in the prison outreach experience?

I'm basically showing a Life Changing Presentation to the inmates and helping them face their fears. Which we all have and most come from a childhood lifestyle. By showcasing my show Blood Sisters the Musical and novel Generational Curses I believe most of the people will be able to relate and forgive so they can Let go and Let God. My many goal is to package this presentation and send it to jails and detention centers all over the world. I also pray that this novel continues to help heal people of all nations that is why I will be translating my book into different languages. I also see my show on Broadway healing people as well. I just know this project is so much bigger than I. We have a Go Fund Me page to help with the expences incurred in the outreach. If you would like to contribute please do so: Malikah's Go Fund Me Page

What is the one piece of advice you most often give?

Live Life...... don't let Life....... Live You!

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