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I have never seen any writer that actually made me feel that she knows exactly how people like me feel . . . I was intrigued . . . I started reading and found myself unable to put it down. It gripped me in the very first chapter. I forced myself to go to sleep knowing I could pick it up the next day. This Author has an uncanny ability to put you right beside this young girl. For a writer to capture the moment of complete desperation, to draw out the very pain and agony within this young girl is nothing short of astounding. I can say this because I have been in this type of similar situation myself. I felt for her, cried with her and even felt her pain. As a writer myself, I can attest to this Author's ability to put you right there. I have never seen any writer that actually made me feel that she knows exactly how people like me feel. This Author captures the dark, forbidden and isolated place that people all too often find themselves. I can't wait to receive the next book in this series to continue this young girl's journey and maybe just find healing for myself along the way.

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Intoxic is a great work of literary fiction . . . Much in the same way The Catcher in the Rye highlights teenage angst and alienation, Intoxic draws us into a story where the main character relates her feelings about her experiences as she tells the story in real time--although Angie Gallion does a much better job than Salinger did, because her main character is much more fluid, more real. . . This is a book you won't want to put down!

Rick Sanders - Author

Difficult events to read about, but very well written and hard to put down. I found Alison's thoughts while interacting with others especially fascinating. Her worldview is consistent, but unfortunately shaded by her experiences. Let's hope she gets the better times she deserves in a sequel (hint, hint).

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I could not conceive that a 75-year-old male, me, could really identify with a 16 year old girl, Alison, the book's protagonist. Couldn't be done I thought; I was doing my duty reading the book. . . Guess what? This is a really, really well-written and well crafted book that is so well presented that anyone, even me, can identify with her. Alison becomes very dear to the reader and we might even recognize ourselves or someone we love in her.

Bob Gallion

It will touch your heart. I probably loved this book more than the first book, "Intoxic", because I became attached to the main character, Allison, and wanted to know how her life continued. After reading the first book, the continuation of Allison's life journey takes her through the stages of becoming an adult and dealing with life changing situations. I was both sad and happy for her in the end and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to read this touching novel.

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A Testament to Survival

A fascinating glimpse into a life you probably don't understand, and have likely never experienced. I'm a 62 year old man - hardly what you would think of as the target audience for a book about the troubles of a 16 year old girl. As the father of two grown daughters, I wish I'd had this book when I was raising them. We never know what those around us have experienced or are experiencing. There are many who are hiding dark secrets, some through no fault of their own, yet they persevere.

Beautifully written with just the right touch of descriptive language, Gallion's prose is a breath of fresh air. Amazing character development that will reach into your heart and have you wanting to scream, begging to help, or smiling at the amazing ability to keep pushing forward, no matter what life throws at you.

Burt Walker - Author

Very well written story that was played out over the course of a year. Spring time is when new joys/new beginnings happen for people, no different for Allison. Wondering if there will be a book 2 to discover if she was able to find her true path of life.

Amazon Review

I LOVED this book - Allison's character drew me in immediately and could not put the book down. This would be awesome for book club!

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