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Up Next - The Silent Boy by Cheryl Bradshaw and Janet Fix

Here we are at the end of 2023 and I am wondering where the time has gone. My reading schedule got highjacked by world events but I’m committed to continuing my reviews in 2024. 


Next on the schedule is The Silent Boy by Cheryl Bradshaw and Janet Fix. Some of you may remember that Janet Fix edited and helped me publish the Alison Hayes series and Off the Dark Ledge with her publishing house/editing service  I am thrilled that she has picked up the pen and joined forces with New York Times bestselling Author, Cheryl Bradshaw.  Their first collaboration is The Silent Boy, a first in the Sloane and Maddie Mysteries.

About the Book

Private Investigator Sloane Monroe is about to face the most challenging case of her life, and this time, it hits a little too close to home.

In the dirty hallway of a local tavern, six-year-old Louie Alvarez plays with his race cars, waiting for his mother to take him home. A scream rips through the air. Louie freezes, then turns, staring at the room at the end of the hallway where the sound had come from.

His mom was in that room.

Louie inches toward the door and peeks through the crack. Inside, his mother begs for her life, but it’s far too late. Her fate has already been sealed. As a gunshot sounds off, a terrified Louie drops his race cars. In an instant, all eyes are on him, and there’s only one thing he can do now - run.

The Silent Boy is the first book in the Sloane Monroe spinoff series, Sloane and Maddie: Peril Awaits, written by New York Timesand 11-time USA Today best-selling author Cheryl Bradshaw and longtime editor Janet Fix. Together, they’ve created a pulse-pounding, pause-resisting mystery series you’ll love. Grab your copy today, and get swept up in a twisty tale of secrets and lies that will have you up listening all night.


About the Authors

Cheryl Bradshaw is a New York Times and 11-time USA Today bestselling author writing in multiple genres, including mystery, thriller, romantic suspense, supernatural suspense, and poetry. She is a Shamus Award finalist for best private eye novel of the year, an eFestival of Words winner for best thriller, and has published over fifty books since 2011. 

Raised in Southern California, she now lives in tropical Cairns, Australia, hiking in the rainforest, and diving in the Great Barrier Reef. When she's not writing, she loves to jet set to new countries, play with her sausage dog Luka, and eat her weight in cheese.

Learn more about Cheryl at

Janet Fix is an editor by trade, and yes, her last name really is Fix. 

An indie editor and writer, Janet Fix offers decades of experience in the words services industry, including all levels of editing and ghostwriting in a variety of genres. As owner of thewordverve inc., she acts as a book shepherd of sorts, guiding writers through their publishing journeys with a heavy focus on quality editing.

She is author of a children’s book trilogy, Ranch Hero, and truly came out from behind the red pen when she coauthored her first mystery spinoff series alongside bestselling author Cheryl Bradshaw: Sloane & Maddie: Peril Awaits. Now, she is stepping out as a solo mystery writer in the Smart Nexus Mysteries, starring former detective, Katerina Smart. See below for more details on all the books.

A graduate of the University of South Florida, Tampa, with a degree in speech communication, she currently lives in the North Georgia mountains, where creative inspiration abounds.

Learn more about Janet at



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