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Alison's 1 Year Anniversary

I absolutely amazes me to realize that it was already a year ago that I released Intoxic. It seems, at the same time, like a lifetime ago and just a week. It took me 25 years to let her go, to share her with the world and I am thrilled every time a reader reaches out to tell me that there is something in Alison's journey that speaks to them. Her story has really touched people across gender and generation lines.

At one year, I am thinking about what comes next. Of course, I'm always hopeful that the right person (someone with a platform to spread the word) will pick her up and realize she's something a little bit special. I would love to see Alison "go wide," as they say in publishing. Until then, I'm happy. I'd like to earn more, of course, so I could afford to have more edited, so I could publish more.

Time is on my side and I have a lot of words yet to say. I am working on a new series, which I am very excited about. Alison isn't done, though, not by any means. This morning as I was taking the kids to school I had a quick flash of Alison's next book, and I suddenly knew where the next one starts and the arc of the story. I want to finish what I'm working on now, because I don't want Alison's story to be all I have to offer, but I came home and wrote down the flash, so it wouldn't evaporate.

In honor of Alison's 1 year Anniversary I am offering the digital version of Intoxic for .99 through the month of August. If you haven't already started her journey, now is a perfect time.

Thanks for all the encouragement along the way. I am honored.

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