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Christmas Presents

It's a Holiday Giveaway!

Less than two years ago I released Intoxic. What an adventure!  Thank you for reading and sharing my work.


As a gift from me to you, I am sending you any one of my books for Kindle of Epub.  If you haven't read them all, now is the time.  



This is where it all began.  Meet Alison Hayes.  She's a mess.  Her mother's a mess.  Her life's a mess.  But she doesn't want to be a mess.  Walk with her through this worst year and see if she doesn't make you root for her.


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When Alison is set free she is determined not to fall in the same holes where her mother had fallen, but when she is offered an easy way out of Charleston Alison jumps at the chance.  Soon she is neck deep in reliving Alice Hayes' mistakes and how she chooses to respond will set her course of the rest of her life. 


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It doesn't feel like running away when Alison follows Cici to California. She is set to flee or fly as she constructs a new vision of her life and discovers that people only know what she tells them of her history. But when her past and her present collide will Alison be able to hold herself together?


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Off the Dark Ledge


Who are you when everything you thought you knew was a lie?


When Stacy Linde discovers dark truths about her past it sends her spiraling and opens doors in her mind that have been long closed.  She must reconcile her past with her present or she'll risk losing everything, including her life. 


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9781948225281-Perfect - Off the Dark Led

Thank you!

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