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Off the Dark Ledge

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Off the Dark Ledge


Stacy Linde is a wife and mother living in a friendly neighborhood in Northern Florida.  She has a wonderful life.  When her mother dies, Stacy’s life is disrupted and spirals swiftly into chaos when she uncovers dark secrets about her origins.   


Who are you when everything you thought you knew was a lie?  Is she the woman she had been raised as by loving and kind Doris Alexander, or is she only hiding within the shell she built to protect herself from her own terrible past? Will her search for answers destroy her life as she knows it today?


When Stacy’s history crashes into her present, she must reconcile with the secrets her mother kept and understand why she kept them . . . or risk losing everything, including her life.   


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The Alison Hayes Journey

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2017 Readers' Favorite Bronze Medalist!

When Alison Hayes walked into her storm darkened trailer the evening of her fifteenth birthday she had no idea that it will the be the beginning of a year like no other.  Her alcoholic mother is passed out at one end of the trailer, having been fired from yet another job.  The best of the revolving-door men that they've ever had is on his way out, and Alison just wants to be clean.


How can she ever know how to do anything right, when everyone around her has made nothing but bad decisions?

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2018 Top Shelf Magazine Indie Book Award Finalist!

2018 Readers' Favorite Award Nominee

When Alison finds herself suddenly set free to build her life out of the crumbled ruins of her childhood, she must come to terms with her own demons before she can make her way out of the chaos left by her mother's life.  


Were people right to think she would follow the same road her mother traveled, or would Alison be able to forge a new path?  Alison will face some of the hardest decisions of her life as she reaches out into the wide unknown world.

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Alison is set to fly or flee.  When she follows her friend, Cici, to California she hopes it will be the beginning of a new, perfect life.  She has spent her days trying to do something better, trying not to repeat the mistakes made by her alcoholic and broken mother.  Yet, she is haunted by the only "right thing" she has ever done being the one thing she couldn't keep.

Can Alison create a new, charmed life in a land where nobody knows her history?  Can she soar to the elusive "something better?" Or, as she fears, will the cracks in her foundation break through and send her careeening to the ground?


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Take the Journey with Alison as she finds her path from chaos to calm.  Autographed Set


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Verve Flash: The Short Road to Big Fiction

Presented By the Word Verve

Grab a cuppa and enjoy the ride on the short road to big fiction. 


This multi-genre anthology features over 40 flash-fiction pieces by 17 authors, who are as diverse as these exceptional stories. Consider this anthology a chocolate sampler filled with “verve-alicious” bite-sized reads, divided into four scrumptious categories: Relationships, Psych, Intrigue, and Life and Death.

It’s a perfect book for waiting rooms, short commutes, and coffee breaks. 


Grab one for yourself, one for a friend, one for your handbag, one for your car, and one for the loo! 


See you on the road!


(Compiled and Edited by Janet Fix, thewordverve. Cover art by Rick Sanders)

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Verve Flash
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