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Dust in My Pack by Nancy O'Hare

Nancy O’Hare’s Dust in My Pack is part of a new generation of travel books. This book, and others like it, is an adventure log, a testament to a life well lived. The book is divided into subject chapters for ease of use: Boat Trips, Multi-day Treks, Getaway Adventures, Ancient Cities, Animal Encounters and Unforgettable Accommodations, to name a few. Each chapter is then sub-divided into a particular destination, with a synopsis followed by the adventure. It’s a very clever way of organizing this book. I particularly loved the visually descriptive manner in which O’Hare takes us on these adventures. I felt I was able to walk along with her as she journeyed. Dust in My Pack is a beautifully imagined and implemented work. Nancy O’Hare’s voice and attention to detail are just what I want in a travel log. The cover art is wistful and beckons the inner adventurer. O'Hare has chosen locations that are not particularly "touristy" so the flavor of the culture and surroundings is all the more authentic for not having been adjusted to suit the traveler. That is not to say that the locations were not welcoming of travelers, just that travelers have not corrupted the experience to be had. I doubt that I will ever get the opportunity to travel to Cambodia to take a boat ride to Stung Proat, surrounded by grey monkeys and great black and white birds with massive wingspans; nor will I probably ever snow shoe in Switzerland, but O’Hare did, and she was kind enough to take me along. Dust in My Pack is a treasure for any person who lives with unrequited wanderlust. I hope O’Hare continues her adventures and continues taking me along, because there are so many more places I want to go.

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